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Wayne de Wet @decorum28
This kit is worth it weight in gold !!
Saves time mess and money.
Great for the professional or serous DIYer
Highly recommended 5* plus
You only need to buy it once!!

Mr J Ryall
Arrived well packed and very prompt,look like they are strong and long lasting.Waiting for dry day Thank you :)

Stephen F
Prompt delivery. Have not used yet so unable to confirm how useful"

Mr B Smart

B. Hodgson
What can I say apart from these are brilliant,they have saved me hours and hours, no more messing around for me with masking tape for me,so easy to use to.

Having purchased my fence protector last year I finally got around to using it having a few hours to spare.
I didnt need a few hours as once I got going with this brilliant invention I was wizzing around the garden!
The fence protector kit is simple, easy to use, nicely packaged, designed with practicality in mind and does exactly what is says on the box!!
I am going to recommend it to all my family, friends and work colleagues!
Thank you so much!

"Excellent Service and Goods"

Mr B Lowwe

Very happy with item pleasure doing business

M A J Hayes

well recommended

Paul Howe

Good Evening
Just to let you know i have finally used my fence protectors and they are great. Makes life much easier. I had one thought, it would be a good idea if there was a joining piece that blockes where the 2 covers meet, as when spraying you get overspray finding it's way in. Other than that though there great.

Many Thanks
Paul Howe

"very good"

Marie Gamble
My 73 year old Father used the product first and as u can imagine was not a welcoming job but within a few hours had it finished. He loved the NO cutting in around the concrete posts and also no drips. In his word a chuffin job well done i will be doing it every year now and not putting it off. Thanks Mark



Stephen Woolley
WOW, what a great product/idea.
I just wish I'd come across this earlier.
The Customer Service I received was even better.
I managed to break a piece (heavy handed) and rang Mark (the owner) for a replacement.
His response was ''no problem, just pay for the postage and I'll send some replacements out to you today''
Now, how often do you come across this from a company.
Mark came across as a really genuine bloke and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this product to anybody else.
Many thanks Mark.
PS. I'll have the rest of the panels painted once this rain stops.

Kenneth Bird

"i have not used this item yet removed it from its box tried it to see if it would fit seems fine should save time and effort "

Brian H

David W

"excellent bit of kit does all it claims 

Peter H.
As i got your fence protectors for a pal of mine who fits fences and ground work all the time, he is very impressed with them but i will ask him to take some pictures next time he is using  the kit, spot on

Alan Wilson 
Hi Mark.
I've not had chance to use the fence protector yet I'm afraid. I really only bought the fence protector when I did because it seemed such an incredibly good idea. As soon as I get to use it I'll post up a glowing review that I'll be happy for you to use as you like. I'll keep this email so I've got your address.
I won't forget but I'm not sure when it'll be.


Chris Booth

Finally got around to painting my fence the other day and used your product, the Fence Protector. I must say it was very easy to use being fitted to the posts and plinths within minutes, and made painting the fence much easier as there was no worry about getting paint on the posts and plinths. It is well worth the money to help with reducing the time and effort in fence painting, not having to use newspaper or the like to mask up before painting. I would recommend having a bucket of water handy to clean off the excess paint from the fence Protector, after removal and before placing on the next post or plinth.

Can I make a small suggestion. When the two post protectors are in place, paint sometimes gets between the joint and runs down the inside of the protector. When removing the protector, this paint can then catch the post, which then requires cleaning off. Perhaps if the upper protector overlapped the lower protector slightly, this would prevent this happening. A minor detail though and nothing that would prevent me from recommending the Fence Protector to anyone.

Chris Booth

John Clarke
  just finished 8 panels using post and base protection
            it took half the time and made job easier so much so
             i am doing another 8 tomorrow
                                                                  thanks and kind regards

Mrs Val Ramsden
I used the Protectors today and they were great and easy to use. ( even for a Pensioner like me!). Have added some photos, the last one showing how I intend to use the base panel protector next when i paint the post to protect the painted fence!!!. Brilliant product ...Well done Mark

michael d. 
A really good product and so easy to use, just wash it down with warm soapy water when finished. Not a drop of stain on the posts or gravel boards"

John Jones 
Yesterday the weather looked promising so I opened my fence protector kit for the first time, got a tub of the fence paint stuff and set to.
  The fence protector kit is superbly simple, like most good ideas,  it was nicely packaged, designed with practicality in mind and does exactly what is says on the box.
  I hope the product continues to supply you with a good living.
  One regret,      Llandudno is my favorite place in the world! if I had realised the package would have fitted in my Micra I would have had a day out to collect it in person.
best wishes   

Terry Glascock
prompt service,very pleased with price and product

very pleased with purchase and fast delivery and i would buy from them again. A*****

muskie1Got my fence protector kit last week. Easy to use did my dads fences in no time at all, not a drop on the posts or the base boards. Easy to clean and put away. Well worth the price. At last a product that works well.


Fence Protector is something that I heard about last year from would you believe my University Lecturer! He told me to find some more information out about this product which I have since found to be fantastic. If like me, or rather my parents, you have concrete fence posts in your back garden it allows you to paint your fence without messing up your expensive fence posts. This is a fantastic product which is really easy to use. I recommend this product 100%


What a fantastic product!! So easy to use, clean and store and a very reasonable price too. I would recommend Fence Protector to anyone.

The Race OfficerWhat a product! It makes life so much easier when painting those blessed panels. Its well priced and a must. Go on! make your life easier. They dont take any room to store and a product for life.


Used my Fence Protector last week and can recommend it to anyone contemplating painting their fence. It is very easy to use and clean, and saves all that hassle of masking posts and plinths. Why no one thought of this simple idea before I have no idea, just glad that it has been produced now. If you are planning fence painting, you dont want to be without this piece of kit. 100% recommended.>


What a brilliantly straight forward and simple device...both in terms of usability, aswell as effectiveness. I can't believe no one thought of this earlier! This handy piece of kit is so easy to use and cuts the job of painting your fences right down to size in no time at all, avoiding any annoying spills, drips and splashes that come hand in hand with using a brush. The end result gives a professional looking finish, which leaves you more time to spend on other garden chores.

- Fantastic!! I'm extremely happy I purchased one of these products and cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who finds treating their fence a laborious and time consuming activity. Buy one, you wont regret it.

 Mr David Bell 
Excellent product, prompt delivery

  John Miller
  Very quick to arrive from buying. Fast & Efficient. Not actually got to use product yet but had a trial run at assembling and does exactly what it say on the can. Can't wait for some dry weather to use. Very well made & sturdy

  E J Allen 
 Excellent Service and Product

  Nicola Phelps
  Great item thank you

   Pam Roberts

  The Fence Protectors work extremely well, and are very effective.

  John Barnes
 Item as described. Excellent seller, no problems.Sorry about late feedback(been in hospital) J.Barnes.

   Mrs Jean Noble
  Excellent customer service. Great product.


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